With Control4, your smart phone خانه هوشمند has the ability to control all the electronic components in your home. This innovative product provides you the ability to control and manage many electronically operated gadgets in your home automatically all from one interface. What was thought only to be for the rich is now being catered to the everyday consumer. Today, the average home carries many smart electronic devices. Why not make them even smarter by taking control and letting them work together to save time, money and energy.Smart Home Images - Free Download on Freepik

A smart home makes life simple by virtually controlling any device in the home from your television to the DVR or your door locks and even your thermostat. A smart home is an intelligent choice for total home control. No matter whether you travel or take walks in the park, this product is easily accessible from anywhere. The hardware doesn’t require any major construction and is easy to install. Controls are simple to use right at your television. The system is flexible, just start with a small system in one room and over time add more components. This technology is compatible with most of the electronics in new and pre-existing homes.

Making your home the brains is the best move you can make. While some consumers already believe they have what they need, they probably don’t have control over the shades, or the ability to turn of the lights and kick on the surround sound to a pre-selected of volume for movies. If you like to sit down and enjoy movies at the drop of a hat, a smart home is a good solution for me.

Most people have a specific routine before they go to sleep. Maybe you lock the doors and turn off the lights at night. Let the smart phone perform these late night routines for you. It can turn off or dim lights at sunset plus lock up the house for the night with one touch of the control. Allow precise control and give yourself the opportunity to regulate energy usage while saving money.

Sometimes people make multiple visits back their house to review if the garage door closed. Get some piece of mind and don’t worry about turning everything off before you leave. You can turn everything off without even being there. Connect to the user interface, shut garage door and check any other components you may have forgotten. A smart home will also help keep you on-time.

Simplify your home and operate the home Theater audio, video, and several other components all from one remote control. One remote control is an easy and convenient way to play music in any room at anytime. If you like music, use the multi-room audio feature and balance out the acoustics in your home. You can be environmentally friendly and enjoy the perfect ambience in every room with lighting control. Dimming your lights uses less power, therefore saving you money. Enjoy control from anywhere with a smart phone or internet connection. Get some piece of mind and monitor your home security while on the road.

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