Belgian chocolate is the epitome of decadence. Its extra smooth texture and rich flavors provide a uniquely pleasurable experience. It can further be enhanced when paired with quality ingredients. But what defines it and gives it its unique flavor? What should you look for when purchasing a Belgian chocolate treat? This article aims to answer these questions.Chocolate bar - Wikipedia

Often times when people azure chocolate think of Belgian chocolate they mistakenly believe that the term refers exclusively to truffles or filled chocolate pralines. However, it has a much broader definition. It refers to all chocolate that is made within the country’s borders, and to the traditional techniques used in the creation of the chocolate itself.

In order to maintain a certain standard of quality the country of Belgium imposed regulations on the chocolate manufactured within their borders. They are closely adhered to throughout the entire process beginning with the harvesting, fermenting and roasting of the beans and finishing up with the addition of sugar to the chocolate liquor. These guidelines also regard both the quality and percent usage of ingredients.

However, it is the culture of chocolate in Belgium that has the greatest impact on the quality of chocolate making. Tradition is so important that techniques introduced by the great Jean Neuhaus are still used today. The fact that these techniques are so strictly adhered to creates much of the difference you taste. The quality and depth of flavor achieved year after year is in large part due to the chocolatiers keeping with these old traditions. It is for this reason that Belgian chocolate is consistently referred to as the best chocolate available on the market.

While Belgian chocolate is great on its own, it can also be enhanced with the addition of different ingredients. When selecting a treat it is important to take note of the quality of the other ingredients that are added because lower quality nuts or spices can decrease the overall quality of the chocolate. Keep this in mind when selecting a brand of gourmet chocolate bars.

To summarize, there are many reasons why Belgian chocolate is considered to be the best available chocolate. These include the strict regulation of both production and ingredients, and the adherence to artisan techniques. In addition, it is important to consider the quality of all the ingredients in your Belgian chocolate treat, not just the chocolate itself. Keep this in mind the next time you are shopping to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate coins are an ideal gift to children or even to adults. It is quite a fun way to share those candies wrapped in golden foil with coin imprints. These candies, although they always look enticing and new to a chocolate lover, actually have a very long history. Some say the very first type of treats like these were made in honor of the ruler of the Roman Empire, Caesar, and were gifted to the ladies and gentlemen of the Roman Court. These chocolate coins bore the face of no other than Cesar himself. On those days, the chocolate was not wrapped in foil but thin sheets of gold. So the recipients did not only receive a chocolate but also a little bit of the precious metal. This continued through many generations. To memorialize special dates and rites of passages, children were often gifted with chocolate coins. In modern times, the gold wrapper has been replaced with gold looking foil.

In the beginning of the 19th century, the chocolate bar came into being. It became a commercial venture that grew by leaps and bounds during the 20th century. Today, chocolate bars are still sold in unchanged form and content since the early days and until after WW II, a person could purchase one for just a nickel.

Chocolate bars today are manufactured and sold in thousands of varieties and can be easily purchased from vending machines. Some have even been added with vitamins, minerals and proteins while maintaining the sweetness and taste. People probably think different companies use different recipes for creating their chocolates. But actually, the only thing that differs is the cocoa plant variety that the products are created from.

Cacao paste, sugar, and cocoa butter are just some of the ingredients that go into a chocolate bar, with some optional ingredients such as lecithin and vanilla. When packaging, some companies use foil while others use plain paper but the best material, according to manufacturers, is waxed paper

If you’re such a lover of these treats, you probably rejoiced when you first heard that they are actually good for the body. The main ingredient, cocoa, is a plant that is naturally rich in antioxidants and good fat. That means you can be safe with this candy, at least, up to 1. 6 grams of it each day, according to experts. Of course, anything can still be unhealthy when eaten excessively. If you want your chocolates to be a positive experience both for your palate and your health, eat them but in moderation.

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