Taking in a movie is a very rewarding experience especially when I have an experience that i had not expected to have. Seeing the movie WALL-E on the silver screen was truly a spiritual experience for me! This movie is a brilliant metaphor for the mystical union of Man with his Divine Higher Self.

An Initiate of the Inner Teaching views things in a dramatically different Light than does the uninitiated. To most, WALL-E is simply a sci-fi children’s best spiritual movie. movie. To me, WALL-E is a movie saturated with spiritual overtones with many parallels to the Inner Teaching.

WALL-E (acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) represents the first man, Adam, from the Earth (First Corinthians 15: 47). Like Adam, WALL-E was commissioned to perform physical labor (Genesis 2: 15). WALL-E was one of hundreds of thousands of waste disposal robots left to clean up a planet that has become too toxic for human habitation. Some 700 years later WALL-E, the sole functioning droid, adheres to the daily routine of compacting trash into cubes[1] for disposal. Over time WALL-E evolves into a curious and sentient robot with the ability to experience emotion. Some believe in the inevitability of robots developing intelligence to exceed our own if they are programmed to make their own software and their own upgrades. We have seen this theme explored in movies such as Terminator, The Matrix, and I, Robot.

Each morning WALL-E commences his day by recharging his solar battery. The image of WALL-E drinking in sunlight through his unfurled solar panels reminds me of the Christ Conscious man basking in the Light of GOD, recharging his soul battery through reflective, meditative, and contemplative prayer.

Like Adam, WALL-E longs for a companion. When WALL-E (the natural man) meets and falls head over heels in love with EVE[2] (the dynamic Christ principle) he discovers just what his life is meant for. When one becomes illuminated with Christ the purpose of ones existence is made manifest.

EVE is an advance robotic probe whose classified directive is to find Life on earth. Once Life is found humans can then return to re-colonize their home planet. EVE (shaped like a sleek white egg) and the seedling plant (that WALL-E discovered) both symbolize LIFE. These two symbols for life are synthesized when EVE places the seedling into her “Womb. ”

WALL-E, with the tenacity of the Patriarch Yacov (Genesis 32: 27), refuses to part with EVE and is willing to go to any length to remain united with her. At one point in the movie, WALL-E is carried off into the depths of outer space in pursuit of EVE.

Within each one of us lie vast Worlds greater than any planet or galaxy that NASA can take us to. Yahshua’ said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you… ” The significance of the Inner Teaching, a. k. a., the ENTER Teaching, is that we are given the practical tools required to rend the Veil which separates us from GOD.

[1] The Cube is a symbol concealing the Mystery of Christ. When the Cube is unfolded the figure of the Cross emerges and the Mystery of Christ is revealed.

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