“The world-old, as we knew it, as i had read about it, was now the new world, or the only world I knew. I had read about it, the way it was, used to be, that was 165-years in the past though, the great Nuclear War (holocaust of the twenty-first century)took place in 2016 A. D., from meagerness I had read, and after the war, there was not much left for man to survive on-thereafter, speculation of how the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern was, was unknowable, there being no such thing as North american, or diplomatic relations, like from the old world order. All the lands were infested with ethnic and tribal peoples, some small villages here and there, and townships, even a few larger cities but mostly dug out from the remains of the Great Bombardment, but hell to live in. No such thing as transoceanic commerce. All such things had long ceased before I was born-owing to the upheaval and hazards of the unpredictable waters of the oceans, the seasons of the year the constant trembling of the earth. To my understanding, the great Bombardment comprised of no less than three-hundred nuclear bombs, some 283-megatons. There was no escape for anyone. God alone knew the exact number of humans that perished that day, perhaps four-billion, and then there was the seas, the prey in the oceans, sharks and killer whales, and the constant title waves themselves, and ongoing storms, nothing could navigate the great seas of earth back in those days-that accounted for another unknown number of dead, and then came the Neanderthal, not sure if they really were Neanderthal, but we all called them that, aliens, or Neanderthal-Titans, all the same if you ask me. The greatest argument against peace the world had ever known since that deadly day of the Great Bombardment, the onslaught of the world, was these creatures.

And I found myself on the shores, I do believe of one of the Azores, perhaps the biggest of the islands, here I found peace, prosperity and happiness beyond the saturated world of the prevailing Neanderthals, alone yes, but alive. I came here fifty-seven years ago, at kawaii dress. the age of nineteen, or was I twenty, I can’t remember now. I no longer know the fate of the relinquished lands, the lands I’ve given up, which lie beyond this island, and just as well. And below me, under this island is a continent. It came up out of the belly of the earth, when the Great Bombardment took place, I can see it on a sunny day, even walk off this island and onto the continent below, it is only a few feet deep at its most shallowest point.

Anyhow, for posterity sake, this war I was talking about involved China and Russia as well as the USA, the middle East, it involved I understand some little country named Korea and Japan, and Iran, I know of Iran, it’s old Persia. The other ones I had to read about in an old book, over a hundred years old. The Neanderthals burnt most of our literature, ruled with an iron hand as they say. And some of us humans revolted against them, perhaps they are long-dead now. So life deems that my story be told, and given to the future world. Although war will not be removed forever by man, or whatever may take his place, only the good Lord of the High Heavens can insure this. But I am glad that I have been chosen to imprint this story into stone, likened to the Rosetta stone. I will soon roll this great stone off this cliff, into the sea below, on this side of the mountain, it is one-thousand feet deep I believe, and let the hands of Providence find other ways to uplift it, wherein due time, man will be ready to read it, without dread of deadly harm.

Surely as i put into stone here, the last few letters, I see in the far-off distance, the Neanderthals nearing the island, they will surely hang me in front of their masses, for the glory of capturing me, but I have something else planned.


My name is Ramsey Cowley. I was born in a land once called Minnesota. And so i joined a people known as “The Free world, ” and learned the craft of warfare. I joined early on in life, at the age of seventeen, at nineteen received the rank of Major. Much of my service was in hunting the Neanderthal, assassinations. My last mission was to capture and bring back alive, the great Outlaw, Neb Nedol; he was called the mountain of thunder, the glare of lightening. He came suddenly out of a vaporous wall, with fury and tempest within the confines of my campsite, high up in the Andes. He rode in on a glorious white horse in comparative ease, almost as if to appear coming down from the clouds. But he could not deceive me-I knew exactly who he was, perhaps my twenty men I commanded thought him a fend, for they were struck with terror(all but one, Zeraval, who mysteriously disappeared in the night, he was the sergeant of my second squad, I had two squads of ten men each, he actually was my most loyal of the whole lot, so i thought.

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