You will eventually understand, if you spend enough time in Internet marketing – the importance of getting traffic to your site. It doesn’t matter if you’ve put up a website offering a gold coin for a dime, if you can’t get anyone to view your offer, you won’t make any sales.

Now, sooner or later everyone Demo Slot Pragmatic tries to buy traffic – it seems so simple, just pay $9. 99 and someone will send you a flood of 10, 000 visitors… and regardless of what anyone will tell you about how worthless such traffic is, everyone has to learn for themselves. So if you haven’t done this yet, by all means, find someone selling traffic, and buy some. Get it out of your system now – so you can learn about the only traffic source that’s worthwhile.

Organic Search Traffic – people who have just typed in the keywords and are looking at the results in Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine. These people have just proven that they are interested in “low APR Credit Cards” because they just typed in that keyphrase… and if you have a website that is optimized for that keyphrase, and rank on the first page (or hopefully, #1 for that phrase! ) then you’ll have a set of eyeballs not only looking at your offer, but interested in your offer.

So how do you get organic search traffic? Everything starts with proper keyword research – you need to locate a list of keywords, at least 10, and better yet, 25-30 keywords phrases – that have at least 300 exact local searches each month – and that don’t have too much competition on the first page of Google. The best keyphrase you can find that you can also get an “Exact Match Domain” – with. com,. org, or. net – will be the one you use. If ‘LowAPRCreditCard. com’ were available – that would be perfect for the credit card niche. Using an “Exact Domain Match” domain will give you a boost in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages) that is difficult to get otherwise.

A quick keyword search reveals that the term: “Low APR Credit card Offer” gets 880 exact local matches each month, and although the dot. com version is taken, you could get LowAPRCreditCardOffer. org or net as of the time of this writing. Now, the credit card field in general is a tough one, and not for beginners – but the concept being explained here is valid. Look for long-tailed keyword phrases that have a domain available.

Once you’ve found a good long-tailed keyphrase that has a domain name available – by building your website around a domain name that you can easily rank for – and that has a given amount of search engine traffic already – you’re ahead of the game! You’ll find that getting ranked in the first few pages is almost automatic, and with a little bit of work at backlinking, you’ll move to the first page, or even slot number #1 rather easily.

Next, you need to take the rest of the keywords you’ve located, and write one article for each keyword – the keyword phrase must be in the title of the article, and must also be used once or twice in the article itself. Post the article on your website first – then after it’s been indexed by Google, go ahead and submit the article to the top 3-10 Article directories of your choice.

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