Looking back on things open efforts, you’ve realized that your ex is the best thing for you. Now you’ve got to figure out how to get back with you ex ASAP. Perhaps you weren’t ready for the relationship to abruptly end. Your relationship might have been a dating situation or even a marriage that got real ugly and ended with divorce. Either way, you see that there might be the opportunity for another chance. If you aren’t ready to throw in the towel on your lost relationship, you will want to know these simple ideas for how to get back with your ex.

The possibility of love still being there is real if it was once present. You can’t go back and erase what happened or make your mistakes disappear, but you can give the love a chance to live again by drawing a line in the sand and starting over. If you’ve given the relationship a chance to breathe by stepping away from it, you should be able to come back together for a conversation. You don’t want to rush back into things, though.

Problems somehow interrupted your relationship. If they haven’t been resolved, this is the time to deal with the issues and get them corrected. You can’t start where you left off if that ‘left off’ place is not good. Whatever problems there were, they must be dealt with before you can even think moving forward. If the issues can’t be resolved, you might be able to get back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend but the relationship may not last for a long stretch.

Your relationship might have fallen apart based on one event. It could have been a behavior that one of you couldn’t tolerate. Whatever it was, a decision has to be made. Will you accept it, deal with it, or change it? Something has to be done and you can’t move forward without this determination.

If one of you cheated on the other, you may have a little more trouble overcoming this. Once trust is broken it’s hard to regain it. Time can help to repair this breach. The other person also must have a reason to believe that the behavior(s) or actions won’t be repeated. They have to be assured that it’s safe to trust the other person again. If this is the reason your relationship ended, you might consider marriage counseling or couple’s therapy.

How you portray yourself during this time is important. Don’t appear too needy. Yes you desperately want to get back with your ex back, but you don’t want them to see you in a position where they’re free to take all of your power away. You need to appear confident in yourself. When you exude confidence, your ex will pick up on that and will view you in a different light. They’ll find that confidence attractive and appealing.

Of utmost importance is your confidence that getting back with your ex is the best thing for you to do. Ask yourself if you’re a better person with them than you are without them. Is this relationship in your best interest? If the answers to these questions is no, then you need to move on and find the person who is right for you. You don’t want all of your work figuring out how to get back with your ex to be in vain.

The next step is to figure out what went wrong and seek to fix or address that. Then look at yourself when you’re in the relationship with your ex. You want to know that it improves you and your quality of life. Lastly, develop a plan of attack. That’s where we can help. You must be strategic and not try to do this by the seat of your pants. There are some options, but I’d suggest using the plan that has worked for thousands of couples in 7 countries already.

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