Generating great annuity leads is the most vital element of every annuity salesperson’s business.  Without a steady flow of clients, there is no way that you can be successful in this industry.  Most insurance and annuity agents think that recruiting great leads is a difficult job, but it is NOT!  Here are the best 4 ways to increase annuity leads.

1.  Seminars!

You should hold no less than 1 seminar every month.  Seminars are very simple to do and they generate a great number of leads if they are done right.  When holding a seminar, make sure you fill every seat.  For one obvious fact that the more prospect, the more likely you are to get sales.  Also, if the people who do attend look around and see empty seats, they will begin to wonder if they should be there.

2.  Mailers! 

Send about 500 mailers per month.  프리미어중계   Make sure that you are only sending them to your 60 year and older target market.  The benefit to mailers is that they reach a large number of people quickly and it is very inexpensive.

3.  Radio! 

There are radio stations that specialize in “safe money” issues and annuities fall into that category.  You can develop a 30 minute long radio seminar that will be broadcast to people who are listening to the station.  The benefit to this is that you are reaching prospects that obviously have an interest in annuities because they chose to listen.

4. Internet!

I saved this tool for last because it is the easiest way to generate good leads.  You can buy as many leads as you want at anytime.  If the other 3 steps aren’t generating enough leads, simply buy the amount of leads online that you need.  This type of lead generally converts very well since the prospects have gone online and signed up to receive information about annuities.


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