To write a classified ad that sells, you have to be unique. Your ad has to get the attention of your reader and cause them to make an action. You should never try to close a sales in the short span of a classified ad, as this is the surest way to make your ad fail. In this article, we will go over some ways to make your classified ad a success, so that you can continue to run this ad over and over and over again.

The headline of your classified ad is what’s most  classified free ads   important. When someone reads your classified ad, the first thing that they see is your headline – so it’s important to make it good. You should use action words that incites your reader to learn more. These action words are “secrets”, “discover”, “learn”, “create”, and etc.

Your goal is to get your reader to learn more, and not to buy anything. By asking a question in your headline, you can cause your reader to slow down and think about what you are saying. Questions cause your reader to ask himself, “what are they asking?”, so they will want to read more just to satisfy their curiousity. Avoid using all caps in your headline. You should only capitalize the first letter of each word as necessary.

In the short body of your ad, you shouldn’t reveal too much information to your reader. Your goal is to get them to call your phone number or visit your website for more information. Once again, you never want to sell your product in the ad since there is such a small space involved.

You want to give your reader a taste of what’s to come but not too much. Revealing too much information ruins the mystique of your offer and your reader’s curiosity won’t be provoked so much. You want to use actions words here also just so you can incite them to make an action.

This is the final part of your classified ad and it should be motivating. If you’re thinking about listing your product price right here, then don’t do it. You whole classified ad should be around a free offer of some sort that your reader can claim immediately. You either want to have them call for your free report or have them go online.

Tell them to leave their name and mailing address when they call via phone. Or if you want them to respond online, lead them to an opt-in page and capture their name and email address. Both of these methods will allow you to follow-up on your prospect and you will close more sales because of it.

If you can do all of these things and become a master at writing short classified ads, then you can write yourself to wealth. Classified advertising is a tool that is very under-used and can be used to your advantage if done right. Good luck on your classified advertising adventures and be sure to use the tips in this article.

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