When you were little it 먹튀검증사이트 was easy to eat healthy. Why? Because everything was natural and unprocessed, because you could eat vegetables from the garden (without herbicides and pesticides), because the bread and desserts were all made by your mother or grandmother and not in a chemical laboratory, because you could breath fresh air. Those times are long gone… Nowadays, in order to be strong and healthy, you have to carefully choose what, when and how you eat. That is why, it`s important to know how you can make your own healthy eating plan.Eat with purpose

If you figure out what question describes you best, you could also find out the answer to another question: `Am I healthy? `. I strongly believe that the food we choose to eat is essential to our health. You shouldn`t eat just because you need to. You should eat because eating is to you like fuel is to your car. If you only eat junk food your body will feel bad, just like if you give your car bad fuel, it will soon breakdown. So, let`s see what can you do in order to add some mileage to your life!

First you need to know what metabolic rate your body has (how many calories your body consumes). After that you will know exactly what your body needs, so it’s better to be aware of your health. Your current health state will give you the tips for a healthy eating plan.

Secondly, change your eating habits! It`s not just about eating, but also about how you eat. Your eating habits have a vital role in how your body burns fat. Instead of eating three full meals a day, you should try eating five smaller and lighter meals a day. Also, at the end of the day, you can reward yourself with some dessert. You should always eat your breakfast in the first hour after you woke up, because during the night your metabolism slows down and breakfast restarts it. Many people think that skipping breakfast is healthy because it reduces the fat in your body. That is totally false, because, not eating breakfast, will furthermore slow for metabolism and you will feel hungry all day long. The idea is to eat many light meals not eat less! Eating more frequently, you will no longer feel your hunger. The right hours to eat during the day are the following: 7 a. m. breakfast, 10 a. m. a little snack, 12 p. m. lunch, 4 p. m. snack, 7 p. m. light dinner and a small dessert.

The third step completes the previous one. It really tells you what to eat. Here are the types of food your five meals should include: fruits and vegetables, skim milk, chicken, whole grains, brown rice and whole wheat bread, fish and seafood. In order to eat healthy you should reduce the following: all types of processed sweets, soda and the so-called natural juices, pork and all the fat meats, butter, cream and cooking oil. Also, there are two golden rules when it comes to eating: 1) Drink plenty of water during the day, it`s healthy and helps you feel less hungry. You eat less if you drink a glass of water before meals. 2)Eat slowly and stop eating in front of the TV. Studies show that people tend to eat more than they are watching television.

The fourth step in your eating plan should be eating more! That`s right! When you eat several times a day, your metabolism accelerates and, therefore you burn a lot of fat tissue. This doesn`t mean that you should eat food high in fat and calories, but carefully chose food that has a higher fiber and protein concentration. It’s OK to treat yourself from time to time, just don`t overdo it.

The fifth step is this one: don`t eat three hours before bedtime! Maybe you`ve heard people saying: `Don`t eat after 7 p. mThat would be true if you went to bed at 10 p. m. But if your sleeping hours are different, you only have to follow the three hours till bedtime` rule. The reason is not good to eat late is because food is not digested completely during sleep, causing bloating, gas and stomach cramps. Eating late, also causes energy losses, due to the fact that your body needs more energy to digest the food.

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