The popularity of online courses is on the rise. Nearly 12 million high-school students in the US are currently enrolled in some kind of online programs. The number is expected to skyrocket in the next five years to more than 22 million, as per the data released by the international research firm Ambient Insight. However, there are still many students who are hesitant about enrolling into such classes. The online class registration form in many cases acts as a deterrent. Either they find the formats available on the internet too complicated to follow, or they are not comfortable putting a course in miracles in their personal credit card details to pay the registration fees online. With an online registration form developed by a Cloud based class registration solution students find credibility and reliability when they browse through the platform, which is not so much different than the organizational website in terms of its look and feel.

The online class registration form is often custom made by an educational or training institute using a pre-built template that is incorporated with the institute’s logo and tagline to make it look like a part of its own website. This means, when interested candidates open the link to the page they feel like they have entered into the institute’s secure web domain from where they can safely sign up for the course/s they want to enroll for.

Many a times it so happens that post data insertion the students proceed to make online payment, the page expires, and the entire effort goes in vain. Even with a couple of repeated attempts if they are unable to access the form, they ultimately tend to give up. With online class registration forms that are created by class registration software such occurrences are rare. They are usually high on navigability, and guide the aspiring registrants to the consecutive pages glitch-free. No wonder, it is much easier to sign up through these online registration forms.

What do the students need to do to enroll through an online class registration form?

· Click on the link suggested to them

· Fill in the details required

· Choose the correct pricing option that suits them the best

· Make payments subsequently using their credit cards

· They can also avail of any promo code or group registration discount offers mentioned there in the form

The entire procedure does not take more than ten minutes to complete. It is that easy.

Slow or failed transactions are very common with online payment when students try to sign up through online registration forms, but with forms developed by the class registration software, that is not the case. The payment options that are provided with the online class registration form are all secure and certified by standard regulatory bodies. Moreover, since the software enables class authorities and institutes to keep a real-time track of the registrations and payments made online, even if there are any transaction related issues, they are addressed to immediately and sorted out in time.


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