There are many excellent reasons for choosing gas products for your appliances. One of the best reasons is that they don’t require electricity. Because of this, if you lose your power for any reason you can still heat your home with a gas heater, heat your water with a gas geyser, or cook your food with a gas stove. Portability is another advantage they have over electricity which means that you can take them with you outdoors this is only applicable for specific models. With the ever increasing cost of electricity, gas products are a cost effective alternative.

With the stainless steel (S/S) Four gas geyser Burner Gas Stove and electric oven, you can have your choice of gas or electric in one appliance. It has four burners, cast iron grids, automatic ignition, and safety devices. This is a convenient stove and oven because it allows you to use the appliance when your electricity is off (such as during load shedding or cable theft) or if you run out of gas.

The Meteor Stainless steel Gas BBQ is an excellent high quality BBQ. Its many features include a stainless steel hood, porcelain-coated cast iron griddle, warming rack, and cast iron burners. It comes with a cover and LPG regulator. This is a great gas appliance to have.

Heat your water with one of the several gas geysers available to choose from. Gas geysers only heat water when it is being used, thus it is very economical. Using a gas geyser is superior to an electric one because a gas geyser heats up water instantly and therefore you are not dependent on electricity to have hot water. Who wouldn’t prefer that?

The winter months are almost at hand which means that electricity consumption will rise and the Electricity Supply Commission has started with their load shedding schedules. A lot of us will be without electricity for at least a few hours a day depending on these schedules. With this in mind, people are turning to alternative sources of energy such as gas. Gas products offer a more reliable and controllable source of energy because you can purchase it at any time and don’t have to rely on the monopoly of electricity supply.

A gas geyser makes a big difference to saving costs. The 12L Geyser is able to supply 12 litres of heated water per minute. This type of geyser will be sufficient for supplying hot water for both a bath and a shower in a standard household. There are various sized gas geysers available ranging from 5L to 20L geysers. It all depends on the size of your household and your usage.

A gas stove with a gas oven is a good way to reduce electricity consumption. Cooking and baking is generally much faster with a gas stove and oven. You may also use the gas stove to boil water as opposed to using an electric kettle. Heating food on a gas stove as opposed to a microwave will not only help you to cut down on electricity but is also better for your health. These units can be installed with a 9kg cylinder within your household and there are a variety of options to choose from. Depending on your usage of the stove and oven a 9kg gas cylinder can last up to 3 months.

With colder days on our doorstep, we’ll all be bringing out the heaters to keep ourselves warm. Why not consider using a gas heater? It does not have any unpractical electrical cords. The full Body Gas Heater is ideal for the standard family home as it quickly heats up a room and keeps it warm. It has 3 panel ceramic tiles, auto ignition, regulator, hose and 3 heat settings. The full Body Gas Heater comes with an oxygen depletion sensor, so it will automatically switch off if the oxygen levels are not above a safe level. It uses a 9 kg cylinder and has castors for easy movement. This is the ideal way to keep warm this winter without burning your electricity bill.

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