Define TA RolesIn the training world, there are three models of adult instruction: the Technical Lecturer, the Expert Presenter, and the Learning Facilitator 롤강의. As you read their descriptions, identify who is currently giving your training and assess how effective they may or may not be in actually building your employees’ skills. The first model of adult instruction is very typical in many organizations. In this model, the person with the most expertise or time on the job, or maybe even the person unlucky enough to be there that day, stands up in front of a room and lectures. The learners come to gain information, so they expect to listen while the lecturer talks. The focus is on the lecturer. We will refer to this model as the Technical Lecturer.

These individuals may or may not be subject matter experts. They are frequently drafted to make the presentation; it is not something they do frequently or comfortably. They have never been trained as trainers and they know nothing about adult learning. As a result, they may simply read their notes or pack all of their information into PowerPoint slides, which they may read with their backs to the audience. The third model of adult instruction is a more informal adult learning approach that is found in many organizations: the trainer facilitates opportunities for the learners to discover and then practice new skills. The learners are active participants in their own learning, so they expect to offer information and demonstrate what they have learned. The focus is on the learner.

We will refer to this model as the Learning Facilitator. The key focus is on enabling the learners to actively discover what they need to learn. So the learners do most of the talking, rather than the Learning Facilitator. This does not mean that the learners control the class. The learning Facilitator knows when to assign activities, how to debrief them, and how to handle questions that arise so participants don’t pull the content off track.

In summary, the learning Facilitator enables the learners to discover and practice new skills. The focus is on the learner. The role of the learner is to offer information and demonstrate learning. For this reason, the learner’s knowledge and experience is a prime source of information and meaning. Learning is an active process of learner involvement. Therefore, there is significant cost-effectiveness for this learning experience. There are many ways by which we can make our Lecture session interesting. We often use various ways and methods to make our session interesting and a Fun Filled activity. There are many forums and websites which discuss the same. However over the years, I have found that there cannot be a common formula which will work for one and all.

You need to evolve certain methods which are of yours and will work for you. There are many factors which plays an important role in making a lecture session an interesting one. These factors are an individual personality, thought process, nature. I have personally found it very difficult many times to crack jokes and create light atmosphere which is very important, however lot of people do it very easily and effectively. My forte is to generate energy in the session through passionate talk or inspiring words which i do it and compensates on the humor part. So my point is, please check what you are good at and play on your strength. We need to advertise our session. The best way is to break the syllabus into module and plan out as if we are selling each module as a professional training program with ticket price tag on it. We can check and refer Training advertisement of professional speakers like Shiv Khera and Robin Sharma.

I often print posters and put it on notice board for my sessions. The posters can be designed and printed taking help of various websites available on net. It’s a Universal rule that nobody will listen to you, unless they find something which is useful to them or is beneficial to them. Therefore before starting of the session we need to ensure that Audience understands the importance and usefulness of the session. The takeaways of the session should be clear. I sold Consultative Selling sessions to students saying that this is what you can show it on your resume as an addition skill set. Further it will also give you a decisive advantage when you will start marketing/Selling in real job environment.

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