Not everyone knows it, but children and not just adults can experience it and in fact anyone at any age. Hearing loss for the most part is gradual as it is common for people to start losing their sense of hearing slowly, sound frequency by sound frequency. In the wrong circumstances, people can lose their sense of hearing completely and indefinitely too.

Having yourself checked by a doctor should be the number one priority when there are obvious and not so obvious signs of hearing problems. The hearing specialist will first and foremost try to localize the hearing problem and determine where the problem is originating from. A hearing treatment is prescribed to the affected person only after the hearing problem is found and determined precisely.

It is a disorder that has many different types. The kind or type of disease is based on which part of the hearing pathway is affected. Hearing loss depends on what part it affects and this also will determine how easy it is to be treated.

When a person has a problem of funneling sound from the outer and middle ear to the inner ear, then this is called conductive hearing loss. Conduction problems from the outer ear, to the middle ear into the inner ear are considered a type of conductive hearing loss. A person who has this type of disorder can be considered lucky in a way, as this is the easiest to treat or manage with hearing aids.

A hearing disorder that is complex, most of the time untreatable and is the exact opposite of conductive hearing loss is called sensorineural hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing disorder can encompass problems involving converting sound vibrations into neural signals and even the processing of these signals. When it comes to hearing, the most crucial parts are within the inner ear like the cochlea and these are also the parts that 耳塞can easily be damaged.

Aside from conduction and sensorineural, another cause of hearing disorder is the central nervous system and this is called central hearing loss. People affected with this type of problem can hear perfectly well but have trouble interpreting or understanding what is being said or basically filter out many competing auditory signals at once. Sadly, nothing can be done with this type of loss of hearing and the only thing a person can do is to try to manage the environment.

Apart from the physical disorder mentioned  luxury hair products  previously, a person can suffer from a psychological hearing disorder called functional hearing loss. People inflicted with this disorder just don’t seem to hear even though they have perfect or even better than normal hearing. The problem with this, is actually diagnosing the condition correctly and not mistaking it from some other one.

A person is said to have mixed hearing loss, when he or she has both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss at the same time in one or both ears. The conductive hearing problem can be treated easily in mixed hearing loss. Until a cure can be found for the sensorineural part of the problem, the hearing impairment may be permanent.

If it left unchecked can grow worse and worse and in no time, you might not be able to hear anything else. While medicine and science keep advancing, it is no excuse to shrug off these risks as no one really knows when a cure for hearing will come about. The only way to keep yourself healthy, not just the ears, is to have regular checkups.


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