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Which Best Projector Screen Is Right for You

They are a must-buy if you’re using a wall or even a hung-up sheet. ’s combination of high brightness, great picture quality, and convenient setup tools make it our favorite living-room projector. A screen has to enable a projector that is accurate, to remain accurate. If it throws off the gamma, adjusts the white point, or can’t reflect the full color spectrum, then it will be incapable of producing an accurate image no matter what projector you have. The importance here is that you see on your screen what the creators of your content intended you to see.

Here we have another best Elite Screens model, but it is 135 inches this time. If you want to enjoy a fantastic home theater experience, you will not regret buying this enlarged projector screen. The screen is made of a high-quality matte white material that is easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

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Additionally, it consumes less space, making it easy to carry and a perfect fit for both indoors and outdoors. Motorized Projection Screen uses thick polyester fiber, which is not only wrinkle-free but also provides clear images and bright colors. Their reflected light is very soft, showing the best projection effects. The color of the screen is natural and realistic, ensuring that the user is not prone to eye strain when watching the screen for a long time. Our screen light is guaranteed to be evenly distributed and projected onto each display area.

But everything else we tested, including my personal $2,700 screen, had a color tint equal to or worse than the Silver Ticket’s. The tint it introduces is low enough that, with most projectors, it won’t be noticeable to the naked eye. I paired it with my calibrated projector and had no color tint issues while watching real world content. We didn’t test pull-down screens or ambient-light-rejecting materials unless we already had a sample around. Those are more specialized cases, and we were looking for the screen that would be best for the greatest number of people in a semi-permanent home setting.

This is where a projector screen comes in handy, built with materials to help absorb light and improve colors. Color accuracy measures how well the screen reflects the colors projected onto it. The makeup of the screen can result in certain colors being absorbed more than others and introduce a tint to the image that isn’t coming from the projector.

Hovering right around the $100 mark, the Vamvo is an incredible bargain, due in no small part to how versatile it is. It works as well indoors as it does outside, packing a pair of unique tripod legs for top-notch support that make setting it up a breeze. Once I had it up, the GooToob presented an almost flawless image… For many people it won’t be the best pick because it can’t be easily installed alone.

The screen surfaces are actually changing the image from the projector, so an image that might be accurate out of the projector is no longer accurate once it hits the screen. This is only looking at the grayscale, but similar issues happen with color, as we’ll see. The most common flaw with the screens we tested is that they introduce a blue tint to the projected image. If you see two screens side by side and one looks brighter, you often can’t tell which one is “correct,” but your eye will tend to prefer the brighter one. If you’re looking at one screen by itself, your eyes and brain will adjust to the incorrect image and assume it is correct. This blue tint was present in all the cheaper screens, which use similar materials, so one with a minimal amount is what we looked for.

While choosing the right projector is crucial, getting the right screen is just as important. For our money, this is the top high-end projection screen pick of this year. You will still have the texture of the wall, which can cause a variety of issues with picture quality.

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